Meet Our Equine Instructors

Like our great volunteers and instructors, we couldn’t have this program without our equine instructors.  WTRRA is proud to own  Big Al, Cosmos, Guinness, Jasper, Rooster, Dream and  Manny and Lady Louise.  Interested in one of these individually?  Check out our Sponsor-A-Horse page for more information on how you can help us help them!


Cosmos, Arab cross Gelding.

Cosmos excels in Hippotherapy classes where he uses his ultra-sensitive Arab traits to adapt to his rider’s needs.  A no monkey business attitude in the pasture, this fine gelding brings all he has to the arena every day!


Rodger, Quarter Horse Gelding

Cool, calm and collected is Rodger’s motto.  When we have a rider that needs confidence in independence Jasper is the go to guy!  Rodger loves to show off all of his skills from his extensive experience in the show ring! His sweet personality makes him a rider favorite! 



Guinness, Morgan Mare

“I’m a horse?  Oh…that’s right!  I have a hard time remembering that I am not just your very bestest friend.”  Guinness brings more personality to the table than anyone.  Small in stature and huge in personality she is a barn favorite.

big al

Big Al, Haflinger Gelding

Big Al isn’t very big at all in stature but he certainly makes up for that in heart.  He absolutely loves pulling the cart to give anyone and everyone a ride, and is working on getting his riding skills up to par so he can share in those activities as well.



Rooster, BLM Mustang Gelding.

Rooster brings years and years of experience with all kinds of situations so we look forward every day to him being able to share all that knowledge with us!  A favorite among the ladies. Rooster has quickly become a mainstay of WTRRA programs and is another priceless gem.


Ben, Morgan Gelding

Ben is one of the sweetest boys in the world. He brings years of training to the Whitewater family. He is a favorite among riders, with his laid back personality, but he is always ready to trot! His kind heart and willingness to work makes him a staple in whitewater programming!


Chika, Quarter horse  Mare

Chika is one of the most laid back horses in the barn. Her calm demeanor, and her ability to steer based on the riders seat and legs make her a favorite amongst riders!



Spike, Quarter Horse Gelding

Spike comes to us as a ranch horse who is loving his new career in helping his riders at whitewater! He loves to share his special talents in the arena but his favorite place is out on the trails with all of his friends!


Fancy, Fox Trotter Mare

Fancy is still a young girl who is loving her career at whitewater! She has a smooth trot that is easy for riders to sit. Fancy also loves to lead the way out on the trails!


Coco, Fox Trotter mare

Coco has one of the strongest work ethics in the barn! She loves to help all of her riders achieve their goals and have some fun while doing it! Coco also prides herself on being able to challenge advanced riders to further develop their riding abilities. However she holds a soft spot for new riders and she loves to bond with them, while showing them the ropes!

Manny, Miniature Gelding

Manny is the head greeter of our facility.  He is currently in driving training and is used extensively with our younger clientele to teach grooming, leading and lunging techniques.  He is MR. SOCIAL and you better not pass him by without saying hello 🙂

Lady Louise, Shetland Mare

As you can see here, Miss Lady Louise is quite the princess.  A crowd pleaser  she is a valuable asset to our program as an ambassador and visitor of the home bound.


In addition to our herd, we thank  Katie Cooper for the use of her great horses.

(Leah, Sugar,  Splenda, Wylie, and Buddy)


Leah: quarter horse mare

Leah is the bell of the ball.  Big enough to carry our biggest riders, she much prefers the tiniest of the timids.  Gentle, kind, and loving, her spirit calms even the most anxious rider.  WTRRA is excited to have her return to the program after a well deserved break.


Sugar: quarter pony mare

Another barn favorite, “Yellow Sugar” rules the pasture as the queen of WTRRA, but bonds quickly with her riders old and young.  A finished western pleasure and English flat work mount, she offers safety and stability to beginner riders, but has all the buttons to teach more advanced skills as well.


Splenda : quarter horse mare

Do you think our barn is sweet enough yet?  We weren’t sure so we added Splenda to the mix.  Another quarter horse mare with amazing abilities Splenda can be used in any class at any time and get the job done.  




These two great gents wait patiently in the wings for very special riders.  Semi-retired, both Wylie and Buddy still enjoy an occasional class at WTRRA when the circumstances require their excellent abilities.

Wylie:  paint gelding

Wylie’s patience is exemplary.  His favorite class is the Peanut class where he can show our tiniest riders how it is done.  However, when asked he will teach riders new to more complex maneuvers like half-pass and flying lead changes how it is done!  A retired reined cowhorse and cutter, he does keep wondering what happened to all the cows he used to see!


Buddy, quarter horse gelding

Scared of horses?  Not sure riding is for you?  Well check out these girl’s smiles and come meet Buddy.  Quiet, solid, and predictable Buddy can calm the worst fears in anyone and teach them the joys of horsemanship.  An integral part of our beginning rider’s success, Buddy also has been to the World AQHA show a time or two and isn’t afraid to show his stuff off with more advanced riders!

Testing Grounds:

Horses have to fill a very specific niche when they apply to be a therapeutic riding mount.  Horses typically go through an intense 30 day process in order to become members of the WTRRA herd.  If you have a horse that you think might fit our needs, please contact us!

mojo baily


MoJo (Left) Baily (Right) are currently trying out to be whitewater angels! They came from a hunting background and there is a rumor going around that you can even shoot off of these guys backs, and then bring the deer home!

Over the Rainbow Bridge…

Elvis, Foxtrotter Gelding.  Elvis suffered a stroke on April 18, 2012 and was humanely put to sleep.  He will be missed by many and the laughs he provided will never be replaced.

Cimmeron, Foxtrotter Gelding.  Cimmeron succumbed to colic late  Fall 2012.  He was 29.  After posting the news of his death, so many people came forward to share stories of how this amazing animal has meant so much to them.  He will be greatly missed and not easily replaced!


Abby, Appaloosa Mare.

Abby was briefly re-homed into a wonderful retirement setting but unfortunately suffered a broken leg shortly after her arrival.  She has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to a well earned rest.  She will be missed by many, and never forgotten.





PennyPenny, AQHA Mare.

Miss Money Penny is worth every one!  A retired ranch and rope horse, she brings tons of experience and try to the arena.  Suitable for our youngest riders while they are just starting out as well as our advanced riders as they are learning cantering and leads, Miss Penny is willing to share her wealth with all!  We are so pleased that she is now with a family with two young children that she can share her gifts with.




Brown Sugar, pony cross mare

Brown Sugar is the mount that really allows riders to progress towards independence.  She is safe, solid, but won’t tolerate things being done incorrectly and will tell on you if you try to cheat!  A favorite with our younger riders, she is enjoying her semi-retirement at WTRRA.  




Sage, and her long time companion at WTRRA, Cherokee, have found retirement homes with new families that love them very much!   They served our clientele selflessly and we are so pleased that they are able to have this new chapter in their lives giving the joy of horsemanship to a new generation.




Bentley and StephBentley, a regular face at WTRRA, has happily retired.  When his aging bones and conformation changed to the point where he could no longer be of service at WTRRA, he moved to a semi-private home, where he shares his lush paddocks with various visitors, human and equine alike.  He is still visited by WTRRA staff and participants and enjoys treats and regular grooming

photo (2)

J.R.  JR, or Junior, is one of those coal black beauties every little girl dreams of.  He shared his infinite patience and knowledge at WTRRA selflessly, and now resides with a family and two brand new kidlets to call his own.  He is very happy to be in his forever retirement home.















Dove has moved on to Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding where she can continue to provide services to those in need.







Arrow has also been donated to Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding where they have a population of riders that will enjoy his antics and appreciate his heart.






photoMosey, Morgan Gelding

We are very pleased to announce that Mosey has found his perfect retirement home with a local ranching family and an 8 year old girl!  He will continue to visit WTRRA as he is continuing his service by being a 4-H horse, but doesn’t have to work so hard as a therapeutic horse.  We will miss you Mosey!   But you have earned it.







Jasper, Quarter Horse Gelding

Cool, calm and collected is Jasper’s motto.   Excelling at all things in the arena, plus out on the trail, Jasper was a dynamic individual that served our program in many areas. Jasper has found a great new home in his main Rider!