Horses & Equipment

Whitewater  therapy horses are truly the spirit of the program. While they do come in a variety of breeds, shapes, colors and sizes, there are some traits they all must share — they must be gentle and tolerant, “bomb proof” and sound. Please call our horse coordinator Katie Cooper at 208-993-1372  if you are interested in donating a horse you think may be suitable to a therapeutic riding program.

dr-pamelaWhitewater  is also in need of riding equipment in good condition including – saddles, bridles, pads, horse care items, riding clothing and boots etc. Donations of good quality hay is especially welcome!

Monetary contributions are always welcomed. Therapeutic riding programs provide a tremendous amount of benefit to individuals with disabilities. However, the care of horses and providing the necessary equipment to riders make these riding programs quite costly to operate. If you are interested in making a contribution to help support Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational programs , please contact us at 208-469-0617.

In memory of Dr. Pamela J Baglien 
Whitewater Therapeutic Riding was touched in many ways by Dr. Pamela Baglien who passed on November 20, 2016. WTRRA first made connection with Pam when Tater Tot made visits to her mother’s bedside  (Peg Peterson) at Discovery Care Center.  Later Pam donated her awesome horse , Cosmo, who is still one of the favorite horses in the herd. Pam was generous with her time, her knowledge but in particular  with her heart.
We thank her for selecting Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association as an organization to be honored with donations in her name. A memorial plaque will hang in her honor.


Thank you for your kind consideration in supporting our cause!

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