Developmental and Recreational Riding:  Developmental and/or recreational riding programs serve individuals with disabilities who do not require the intervention of a medical specialist such as a physical, occupational or speech therapist.  Individuals with emotional and/or behavioral disabilities, mild-moderate communication delays or physical disabilities, participate in a variety of developmental or recreational riding programs. Participants range in age from 4-70 years of age.  These programs include:

  • Ride-On:   Equine assisted activity for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Peanuts:   Developmental riding programs for children 4-8
  • Advanced Kids and Horses: transitional program for youth completing basic Kids and Horses
  • Ride-Tall:  Summer recreational program for community youth 6-9 through a partnership with the city of Salmon recreation program.
  • Lead-On: In-hand trail class for mother’s of youth enrolled in Kids and Horses
  • Leg Up:    Equine assisted program for adults with mild emotional or physical needs.