The arena is getting busier!

Please fill out the 2017-Arena-Rules-and-Release-of-Liability prior to use of the arena.

Forms can be downloaded, printed and signed and left at the south end of the indoor arena, or in the sign-in box by the round pen.  There are blank copies available at the arena as well.  Donations for use of the arena can be left at the south end of the indoor arena in the Secure Payment Box.  Forms can be returned there as well.  Thank you for your support!

As spring approaches with High School Rodeo season and the Salmon Select Horse Sale right around the corner we have noticed a significant increase in the use of the arena.

While this makes us happy that the community has access to such a fantastic facility, it also serves as a time of a few quick reminders for arena use in order to keep everyone happy and the quality of the facility at its utmost!

So, when you ride, please remember the following things:
1. Manure carts are located in and outside of the arena. Whether you are riding in the arena or the round pen, please make sure ALL manure is picked up, including around your trailer, and placed in the dump pile at the southeast corner of the property.
2. Sign in form is located at the south end of the indoor arena. Please take the time to jot down your name! This helps us with analysis of public use, which is a big factor in many of the grants we write!
3. Each ride is $5.00.  You can pay a lump sum at the beginning of your use, or just put a few dollars in each time you ride, all is appreciated. Make sure if you put cash in you also stick in a note that it came from you so we can give you credit! Secure drop boxes are located and each end of the indoor arena for this purpose.
4. Use common sense and your best arena etiquette. When multiple people are using the arena do your best to stay out of each other’s way. If you are working a young horse, or having trouble with your horse, consider waiting until the arena is less crowded. If you come to the arena and someone else is already working a young or problem horse, use your best judgement as to adding more activity to the situation. We want everyone to enjoy the facility and most importantly STAY SAFE, so please use the outdoor loping pen to your advantage on crowded days.
5. If you use any props, poles, barrels, cones, rails, etc. please make sure they get put back in the proper place and in good condition.
6. Have fun and ride safe!

Thank you.

Katie Cooper & Merry Logan

Steve Drippon, Facilities