Joyce Scott, Executive Director




WTRRA Board:

Chairman : Mike Kossler
Vice Chairman:  Judy Washbon
Secretary:  Shannon Williams
Treasurer: Daniela Wolters
Dr. Renee Riggleman
Mark Olson
Kammy McFarland Maughan

Contact Joyce Scott, Executive Director for a board member application.

WTRRA instructors volunteer their services for all of the programs.  We are fortunate to have the following
PATH-I certified instructors:

Katie Cooper, Registered Level
Lead Instructor and Horse Coordinator

Merry Logan, Registered Level
Community Outreach Coordinator, PATH Certified Mentor

Suzanne Nebeker, Registered Level
Community Outreach and Horse Evaluation

Evelyn Crumb, Registered Level

Kim Browne, Registered Level
Volunteer Mentor

In addition to our certified instructors, the following individuals are imperative to our success:

Ron Douglas, Arena Host
Ann Kossler,
Social Worker and Intake Specialist
Gayle McCambell
-Occupational Therapist
Joyce Scott, Advanced Level Instructor and Executive Director
Jill Henry, Volunteer Coordinator
Melissa Burley, Intake Coordinator
Steve Drippon, Facilites Management