Classes will be starting soon as well, so please make sure you check the calendar for arena availability.  THE ARENA DOORS ARE CURRENTLY LOCKED FOR SECURITY.  TO SCHEDULE A RIDE TIME, PLEASE CALL MERRY LOGAN AT (208) 303-7445 AND SHE WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST.

Please download the arena use agreement and release of liability form: 2016 Arena Rules and Release of Liablility prior to use of the facility.  Printed forms are available at the sound end of the indoor arena and in the sign in box at the outdoor round pen.  You can return forms at the same places.

As the weather continues to warm up and the days get longer  use of the Whitewater arena will continue to grow. A few “Spring Cleaning” reminders.
1. Please leave the arena and parking lot better than you found it 🙂 Wheelbarrows and pitchforks are provided for you at the south end of the arena and the dump pile is located in the south east corner of the property. The arena, tie rails and parking lot all need to be clean when you are done riding. As the round pen thaws, there will be a pitchfork and wheelbarrow located there as well.
2. Equipment (poles, barrels, cones etc.) are the property of WTRRA. If you choose to use them, make sure they are put back where you found them and if you accidentally damage one contact a WTRRA representative on how you can help replace it.
3. Gates must be closed! This includes the pasture gates and gates going in and out of the arena. The wind (which luckily we have not had much of) and gravity really wear on them and we would appreciate you helping us keep them shut.
4. The arena doors (overhead and man) can be left (open or closed) as you found them. But if they were closed when you got there, please make sure they are closed when you leave.
5. No motorized vehicles are to be used inside the arena or round-pen without prior permission from a WTRRA representative and efforts to re-work the ground must be made so that the next person to come and ride does not have to ride over your tire tracks.
6. If practicing patterns (poles, barrels, etc) and the arena footing gets moved around enough to create holes, please use the rakes provided and smooth the footing back out while you are cleaning up the manure.
7. The arena schedule is located on our website at so please check it before you go and ride to make sure a previously scheduled event is not happening.
8. Thank you for all of your support of our programs. Please share this with anyone else who might be using the arena and remember the payment box is there so we can continue to gather donations in order to properly fund this fantastic community venue. Let’s all do our part. The arena will be watered and worked as temperatures allow.